Terms and Conditions
Guarantees and returns
General warranty: if the merchandise is or arrives defective due to manufacturing or material defects, www.disenato.com undertakes to correct it, either to replace it, to carry out the corresponding repair, or to replace the defective or damaged product. or to request the return of the product by paying the amount paid by the customer.
The guarantee of all our products will be twenty-four months in accordance with the applicable Spanish legislation.
Satisfaction guarantee: at www.disenato.com we sell products of excellent quality, however, if when you receive your order you are not satisfied, communicate your disagreement within a maximum period of 48 hours from receipt of the order and we will refund the amount of your purchase including transportation and management costs. The only requirement for the refund of the amount due to non-conformity is to notify www.disenato.com of the reason for the non-conformity within 48 hours from the receipt of the product.
Please be aware that there are situations that we cannot control and for which we are not responsible. These situations can be, but not limited to:
- Errors in the design made by the client such as typographical, grammatical errors, etc.
- Low resolution or quality of images uploaded by the client.
- Errors in the placement of design elements: out of margins, size of fonts and icons, etc.
Damage to the product once delivered to the customer. The merchandise travels insured, if you receive a package with damage, write it down in the carrier's bulletin so that the damage is covered

Return of merchandise
Upon receiving the merchandise, the recipient must verify that it has been received without any type of damage or damage, before signing the receipt to the carrier. However, Diseñato gives you a period of 48 hours to review it exhaustively, in case there are damages caused by transport that are not apparently visible (if there are, please notify via email, to disenato@disenato.com or 968270607).

Diseñato, is responsible for each and every one of the accidents that the product may have suffered until the place of delivery. Either with a full refund of the amount paid (with collection of the merchandise) or with a replacement of the damaged product.